Easybasket In Europe Project


The project proposed by Olimpia Basket Matera gathers together four European National Basketball Federations (Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark), an NGO (Red Deporte, Spain), a Sport University (LSU Kaunas, Lithuania), an Italian public primary school with the important aim to develop a new model of teaching basketball to children and testing it on target group of kids coming from school, NGOs and clubs, thus providing training for Federation trainers that will then spread it all over Europe.

Easybasket In Europe Project



Development and testing of a new Easybasket model shared among all the partners to teach basket to kids.


Project meetings for knowledge sharing. International Sport event in Matera (Italy) to experiment the new Easybasket.


EIE guide and web based e-learning tool for coaches to spread out the new Easybasket all over Europe.