EIE – Easybasket In Europe Erasmus Plus Sport Collaborative partnership is moving in Madrid (Spain) for its fifth transnational meeting: this meeting closes the series that started in Matera (Italy) and continued in Hagen (Germany), Praha (Czech Republic) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

Now it is time for Madrid, which is the seat of the partner NGO Fundaciòn Red Deporte y Cooperaciòn (Mr. Carlos De Cancer, responsible for the project). The coordinator Olimpia Basket Matera carries on the project together with the other partners: FIP – Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro, APD Pielle Basket Matera, ASD Cultura e Sport Matera, Istituto Comprensivo “G. Pascoli” School Matera, Lietuvos Sporto Universitetas (Lithuanian Sport University of Kaunas), Czech Basketball Federation, Deutscher Basketball Bund e Danmarks Basketball Forbund.

The activities will start in the morning of the 24th of January and will and in the evening of the 25th. All the spaces and facilities for the meeting will be kindly supported by Universidad Europea in Madrid, thanks to the precious cooperation of Prof. Rafael Manuel Navarro Barragan. All the partners will have the possibility of working on the project carrying on all the activities that have been developped during last year and that will conclude by the end of 2020. The focus of the meeting is the Easybasket course, held by Mr. Maurizio Cremonini, technical responsible for FIP Minibasket sector and EIE project, and his staff: teachers, coaches and students external to the project will attend the course to get the glimpse of the new model of basket for kids.

It follows the list of the partecipants of the meeting: Ilaria Martinelli (ASD Cultura e Sport Matera), Sergio Galante (APD Pielle Matera), Luciano Cotrufo (APD Pielle Matera), Francesco Losito (APD Pielle Matera), Maurizio Cremonini (FIP), Roberta Regis (FIP), Mario Greco (FIP), Giovanni Verde (FIP), Andrea Bagni (FIP), Marco Gianlorenzi (FIP), Sona Camara (Danmark Basketball Forbund), Thomas Johansen (Danmark Basketball Forbund), Milena Moulisová  (Czech Basketball Federation), Milan Horak (Czech Basketball Federation), Agostino Festa (Olimpia Basket Matera), Michele Cipolla (Olimpia Basket Matera), Vincenza Sileo (Istituto Comprensivo  “G. Pascoli” School Matera), Tim Brentjes (Deutscher Basketball Bund), Georg Kleine (Deutscher Basketball Bund), Juergen Massmann (Deutscher Basketball Bund), Giuseppe Chietera (ASD Cultura e Sport Matera).

Enjoy the meeting!