13/02/2020 – A few days after the closing of the fifth international meeting of the EIE – Easybasket In Europe project, held in the European University of Madrid, co-organized by the Fundaciòn Red Deporte y Cooperaciòn, on of the 10 partners of the project, which sees Olimpia Basket Matera as the coordinator, the project is back to the city of Sassi – Matera, where the whole program started in early 2019 (conclusion on 12/31/2020).

In Matera Maurizio Cremonini, technical manager of the National minibasket sector of FIP (partner of Easybasket In Europe) and of the EIE project will be fully busy in a 3 days of Easbasket activity aimed to produce the intellectual outputs of the project: the video lessons will be shot to complete the e-learning platform developped as one of the main intellectual outputs of the EIE project.

Mr. Cremonini and his staff will work with pupils from the Istituto Comprensivo “G. Pascoli ”(also a partner in the project) within the gym of the school. The activity will start on Thursday 13 February at 8:30 in the gym of the primary school of the Comprehensive School “G. Pascoli “. Subsequently, at 10:00, in the U.S. headquarters Olimpia Basket Matera, a press conference will take place during which the progress of the work will be illustrated and, mainly, the contents of the platform dedicated to the EIE project – Easybasket In Europe which also sees as partner APD Pielle Basket Matera , ASD Culture and Sport Matera, Lietuvos Sporto Universitetas (University of Sport of Kaunas – Lithuania), Czech Basketball Federation (Czech Republic Basketball Federation), Deutscher Basketball Bund (Germany Basketball Federation) and Danmarks Basketball Forbund (Denmark Basketball Federation) and Fundaciòn Red Deporte y Cooperaciòn (Madrid, Spain).