08/10/2020 – On the 10th of October 2020, Matera will host the EIE
Easybasket In Europe closing events.

As already announced some weeks ago after the EIE “Final Sport Event”, held in Matera on Saturday 5 September, the closing press conference of EIE – Easybasket In Europe will be held on Saturday 10 October at 10 am at Olimpia Basket Matera seat.

The coordinator Olimpia Basket Matera has garthered togheter 9 partners for developing the EIE project: FIP – Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro, APD Pielle Basket Matera, ASD Cultura e Sport Matera, Istituto Comprensivo “G. Pascoli” School Matera, Lietuvos Sporto Universitetas (Lithuanian Sport University of Kaunas), Czech Basketball Federation, Deutscher Basketball Bund (German Basketball Federation), Danmarks Basketball Forbund (Danish Basketball Federation) and NGO Red Deporte (Madrid, Spain).

At the Olimpia Basket Matera headquarters, in the presence of Prof. Maurizio Cremonini, technical coordinator of the Easybasket In Europe project and National Technical Manager of the FIP Minibasket Sector, Sergio Galante, EIE project manager, Rocco Sassone, president of Olimpia Basket Matera, and the various foreign partners, that will be connected from abroad using a video-conferencing platform in order to comply with the anti-covid rules, it will be possible to trace the balance of these intense 2 years of project full of activities organized to develop Easybasket in European dimensions, as an innovative discipline reserved for boys and girls from 5 to 8 years.

On Saturday, in addition to the press conference, the second and last Multiplier Event (the first one was held also in Matera, on February 2019 for launching the project), starting at 4 pm in the Giovanni Paolo II park (at Palasassi in case of adverse weather conditions).

The event will be coordinated by Maurizio Cremonini and the FIP national staff: it will be open to instructors, students, teachers, sports associations, sports federations and simple enthusiasts.

Press Office – EIE Project