Inside the framework of the Erasmus Day, the German Basketball Federation (DBB) has organized an online meeting for disseminating the results of EIE project: the title of the event has been “Inside EIE Easybasket in Europe”.

Tim Brentjes, EIE project staff member for DBB, came up with this idea of having an online session dedicated to the project to be held the 16th of October 2020, chosen to be the Erasmus Day by European Union. The German Federation garthered together other project partners for the event. The speakers of the event have been: Maurizio Cremonini for FIP (Italian Basketbal Federation), Milena Moulisova for CBF (Czech Republic Basketball Federation) and Tim Brentjes for DBB (Germany Basketball Federation).

They have presented EIE project, describing its objectives, development methodology, activities and results. The talk has been supported by a multimedia presentation and related Easybasket games videos produced for the project.

More than 150 people have been connected on the Zoom platform for the meeting: they remained online for watching the whole event, which last more than one hour.

During the online meeting, Mr. Arben KRASNIQI, technical director for the National Basketball Federation of Kosovo, asked permission for translating the EIE guide in their language and distributing it to their trainers (it followed an official email to the project coordinator about it): this is a great sign of interested of other Federation toward EIE project results.

For sure this event has been an important tool for dissemination of the project results!

Following the link below it is possibile to watch the complete webinar that has been recorded and stored online.