31-12-2020 – EIE project has reached its final step with the publication of the final report of the last Intellectual Output named “Sustainability Network”. The report is freely available at the resources page (click here).

The Easybasket project has developed a pilot project for the application of the Easybasket model as Intellectual Output n.4. The sports associations of Matera, APD Pielle Matera and ASD Cultura e Sport Matera
have applied the Easybasket methodology in some classes of the Comprehensive Institute G. Pascoli of Matera, with the coordination of Olimpia Matera and the technical supervision of the staff of the FIP Minibasket sector, together with the other National Federations involved in the project, Czech Basketball Federation, Deutscher Basketball Bund (German Basketball Federation) and Danmarks Basketball Forbund (Danish Basketball Federation).

The multimedia report produced (text, diagrams and images) can be downloaded from the resources section; it offers a guide to the practical application in the school context of the Easybasket method developed within the EIE project framework.

After two years of intense activities, transnational meetings, publications, events, workshops and clinics, Easybasket In Europe Eramus Plus Sport project cuts the finish lines having reached successfully all the objectives that were stated at its startup.

Olimpia Matera, the coordinator, together with all the partners, wants to thank all the people who have cooperated for the success of the project and wishes that all it has been done will contribute to increase the number of kids playing basketball and to support technically trainers and teachers in their daily teaching activity in Europe.